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"Borre Leesclub"
The Borre Leesclub is a Dutch series with over 216 books, divided over 9 levels.
Each level has 24 books.
The lowest level is for children aged 3 years old (about 500 words), the highest level for children aged 11/12 (about 5,000 words).

waaier boeken homeAbout 100 of the books are about the character Borre.
For level 0 to 4, each book has 24 pages, half of which are full colour illustrations.
From level 5 upwards, the stories are longer. Those books still feature many full-colour illustrations.
For level 7 and 8 upwards, each book has 32 pages.

The books include interactive elements that support the reading education. For children aged 3 to 6 these are items such as large letters and words from the story, to practise letter recognition.
For children aged 7 and up, each book has a code that allows access to an on-line game, with questions related to the book.

Borre character – books up to level 4 (age 3 to 7)

borre_pluisdier  The Borre Leesclub feature Borre as the main character.
  Borre is a curious little fellow with a lot of fantasy, who
  experiences all sorts of adventures.
  Right from year 1, Borre is often accompanied by his pet,
  Fuzz Fuzz. At level 3, a clever girl moves in to the house
  next door, Radish. She and Borre become friends and from
  then on she often features in the books.

Borre and The Scrapyard Kids – books level 5 and up (age 8 to 11) 

At the beginning of level 5, Borre and some of his friends form a secret club. They name it The Scrapyard Kids, since their clubhouse is an old Volkswagen van on a scrapyard. 
The secret club consists of Borre, his clever and sensible neighbour girl Radish, his classmate Ovi, who is a smart kid that can invent useful devices and Elle, a girl who is one year older than te rest. Elle is the toughest of them all, not afraid of anyone or anything, but with her heart in the right place and very protective of animal rights.
04_07_A_omslag_HI.jpg  The Scrapyard Kids find a walky talky that connects them to 
  a retired police officer, agent Copps.  Every book in these
  so-called mystery series (level 5 and up) is about Borre and
  his friends. Often they get a message from Copps about a
  problem or crime and are asked to solve this. Combining all
  of their individual characteristics, The Scrapyard Kids come
  to the rescue and help the police.

The Publisher

The books were developed and published by Borre Educatief bv in The Netherlands. The books are sold both individually and on a subscription basis.
The first books in the series were published in The Netherlands in August 2006.
In 2012 several titles were translated to Korean and Chinese and published in those countries.